how we came to be

As a mother of 3 living in a unique situation with extended family, cooking can be a challenge. With ages ranging from 3 to 55, finding simple dishes that everyone can enjoy seemed like an impossible task. But, we managed. With a mix of southern comfort food and kid friendly plates, we had it all figured out- until the day a simple allergy test changed everything. Along with allergies to everything from grasses to animals, came an unexpected discovery- My mom is allergic to multiple foods. And just like that, my cooking perspective changed. How does someone who’s staple dishes for dinner include chicken fried steak and homemade tex-mex fajitas cook without chocolate, corn, milk, soy, tomato, eggs, and whole grain oats? As I researched I came to find a multitude of recipes and ideas with what felt like 500 steps, and filled with terms I didn’t understand. This, of course, resulted in more burnt pans and thrown away food than I ever expected. It meant making 2 separate dishes for every meal, and questionable dinners at best for my mom.

The truth was simple- I wasn’t meant to be a fancy cook. If I can’t pronounce all the ingredients in a recipe, and I have to find time to do more than about 15 steps, it just isn’t happening.  So, I set out to modify my family recipes and experiment with as many tastes as I could find until I reached a happy medium to keep my family well fed and begging for seconds, without slaving over a stove for hours on end. I hope that by visiting this blog you can find new recipes to improve your family’s quality of life, without stressing you out over the logistics.

From my family to yours, thank you for visiting.

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